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An Intern’s Insight into the Digital Marketing World

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Four weeks ago, I started my marketing internship at Active Profile. As a complete novice with no prior marketing experience, diving into the ‘real world’ straight after finishing my Psychology degree was nerve-wracking, to say the least. However, I was excited to start my career journey and was looking forward to being exposed to as much knowledge as possible.

My first week consisted of virtually meeting the team, becoming familiar with everyone’s roles, and getting to grips with some of the software the Active Profile team use daily. I was also given a plan of what my time at AP would look like, plus the types of things I would be involved with.

It was a little bit overwhelming at first, especially with all the marketing jargon flying around, but then I reminded myself that, as an intern, I wasn’t going to know everything straight away! Also, the team were super supportive and helpful. Despite my internship being a virtual one, it was easy to ask questions and stay in contact throughout the day on Slack, which helped me to not miss out too much on general office chit-chat and get a feel of AP’s friendly culture.

Daily duties

First things first, at 9am I would set up my at-home office space then log on and check my schedule for the day. Usually, I’d have around three Zoom meetings a day, giving my day some structure while also keeping me in the loop. My Zoom meetings consisted of team catch-ups and planning sessions or introductions to software, some of which I never knew existed before my time at AP. I learnt how to use SEMRush, Google Data Studio, Sprout Social, LinkedIn, and HotJar.

Each day I would work on my tasks, whether that be competitor reviews, in which I gained knowledge on SEO and keywords, social media planning, or blog planning. I joined my meetings as the day went on and usually took my hour lunch break between 12-2pm. I tried to spend this time sitting outside in the sun, as the AP team advised! After my Zoom meetings and completing some tasks, my working day finished at 5.30pm.

What I enjoyed most

The team took the time to explain and show me some of the great work they do for clients, as well as the processes of campaign building, optimisation and reporting. I have been included on daily campaign meetings throughout the optimisation stage and have enjoyed learning the process of testing different approaches in order to achieve the best results. It was interesting to discover that what may be effective for some audiences is not always a perfect fit for others.


Fortunately, I was invited to many meetings and given enough tasks to feel included and not like just a (virtual) coffee maker! 

Reflecting on my experience

My four weeks at Active Profile have flown by and I am so grateful for all the marketing knowledge and experience I have gained -- whether that through completing tasks, asking questions, sitting in on meetings, or writing my first ever blog!

Although it was a shame to miss out on Active Profile’s exciting new office space, I don’t feel like working from home negatively affected my internship experience, due to the great communication and support. Luckily, I did get the chance to meet the team in person, as my four weeks coincided with the team’s first group outing since the pandemic began! It was so lovely to meet everyone I had been working with.

A big thanks to the Active Profile team for being so welcoming and helpful!



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