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‘All in’ case study: building brand authority and awareness through proactive PR and experiments

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The last twelve-months has seen us appointed by an increasing number of tech brands looking to stand out amongst the crowd and improve their positioning in their space.  Working in an integrated way – with a focus on both profile and performance – we've been able to significantly improve brand awareness and perception amongst key target audiences, whilst driving short-term growth opportunity. After all, we know profile and performance cannot work in silo. The secret to success is a combination of the two: brand building brings long-term growth, whilst demand generation drives short-term success. 

We were approached by tech scale-up, HyperFinity, who had just received investment from a strategic partner and wanted to shift their positioning in the marketplace to support the business’ ambitions to scale over the next few years. 

HyperFinity is a decision intelligence platform for retailers. It uses data science and AI to help them sell the right products, to the right people, for the right price. 

HyperFinity Platform Still

Through our discovery process, which unpicked core business goals outside of their original requirement, we identified two ways we could work together: 

Growth marketing experiments 

HyperFinity knew they had to scale activities but struggled to understand how, what and where. We worked with them to craft a series of quick win marketing experiments that: 

  • Highlighted the core messages that resonated with key target decision makers 
  • Identified the primary channels and tactics that needed to be invested in to improve engagement 

Targeting a very specific dataset, we were quickly able to determine the exact messaging that engaged each of their core target personas, given that their product had multiple use cases. This information enabled them to objectively optimise their existing content and channels to be much more persona-focused.

Strategic brand positioning through earned media 

HyperFinity’s founders are experts in their field; their experience and insight speaks for itself. However, they had previously struggled to get their core messages out via earned media to target customers in their sector. 

Hyper headshots and team 140722 (67 of 110) - Widescreen

We developed a strategic plan for PR & communications that spoke to the pain points of their target audiences, reacting in real-time to secure top tier thought leadership content that brought their knowledge to new audiences. 

Over a six-month period, we were able to prove the impact of a planned approach. We took the business from a 0% share of voice to almost 20%, which was no small feat when factoring in that there were established players in the space who have global marketing teams. 











Within the mix of results, we secured several reactive thought leadership pieces in top-tier titles that we knew were read by their primary target customers. This alone generated industry podcast and 1-1 interview requests by media titles interested in speaking exclusively to the business’ founding team. We supported the founders to publish coverage on their owned channels, to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at their insight.

“One of the best results from the project was the pace that we were able to newsjack the retail sector to add HyperFinity’s voice as an expert above the noise. By having our finger on the pulse and setting aside time to monitor the news agenda each day, we were able to quickly identify topics where we could add value and pitch out commentary to journalists.” 

Leila Jones, Senior PR Specialist