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Why Marketing Experimentation is Better Than Your Guesswork

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In the world of marketing, getting things right is crucial. Especially when it comes to creating a marketing strategy that hits all the right notes.

This is when growth experiments prove to be worth their weight in gold.  Also known as marketing experiments, this is an approach that uses the likes of data collection to empower businesses to make smarter marketing decisions, allowing them to resonate more powerfully with their audiences. But for these decisions to be the right ones, they need to be executed based on cold, hard facts - not simply a hunch.  

So long to speculation  

Marketing efforts that feel like a shot in the dark and yield few leads are more commonplace than you’d think. It’s a familiar struggle for many businesses. That’s why methodical marketing experiments are a way better option than scattergun tactics or even pure guesswork. Trust us when we say you may be surprised at how many business decision-makers think they can estimate their way to success!  


As marketing experts ourselves, we know that the experimental approach opens up clearer paths to plan, execute, and evaluate ideas. The results can create a roadmap for smarter campaigns and better ROI.  Experiments are also a great way for businesses to harness the reams of data they may be sitting on, not knowing what to do with. If that sounds familiar, it's time to start unlocking real value from it. 

Many marketers heavily rely on data for a results-focused strategy – often spending more time assessing campaign effectiveness than devising new ones. A well-planned and executed marketing experiment can convert this data into anything from key insights and bulls-eye predictions and projections to creative campaigns that really land. 

Still not totally sold? Well, here are four key reasons why marketers should embrace experimentation and why this approach is better than theorising about what ‘might’ work for your target audiences…  

A better understanding of your customers 

Effective marketing requires understanding customers and competitors. It needs to appeal to, or sometimes challenge, their cognitive biases, and it often needs to evoke emotions. Experimentation helps ensure that this can all be possible. For instance, AB testing different elements of an email campaign will reveal which elements of your messaging are resonating better with customers. Once you understand what they like, you can give them more of it.  

Data-driven decision marketing 

Customer Analytics

At their core, experiments provide firsthand data for better informed decisions. One of the most attractive benefits of marketing experiments is the ability to process first-hand data, allowing you to make smarter choices. Plus, running experiments at a smaller scale first can reveal the impact you can potentially create with a full-fledged campaign launch. The bottom line: the more data you collect through experiments, the better decisions you’ll make for your strategy. 

Refining and tweaking  

Running marketing experiments lays the groundwork for optimising campaigns too. This test-and-learn approach allows teams to identify improvement areas, rectify errors, and launch campaigns fully optimised for expected results. It also streamlines resources by focusing on campaigns likely to drive ROI. 

Gain solid stakeholder support 

We all know that securing budget approvals for significant projects can be tough. By arming yourself with solid data from your experiments, you can project estimated outcomes for larger launches, leading to the buy-in process running much smoother, after you’ve already won the confidence of your key stakeholders.  

Reaping the rewards of precision  

walk to success

Growth experiments aren’t just tests; they're absolute game-changers.  

At Active Profile, we’ve seen how these experiments transform businesses, especially in the tech world and within growing companies. By harnessing the insights from data, experiments will help companies to make better plans, reduce risks, and find clear paths to growing their business in smart ways. 

And remember - it’s not just about doing the experiments; it's about using what we learn in an impactful way too. By gleaning such solid insights, experiments can show companies where to go next with their marketing strategies - making sure their approach is really connecting with the people they want to reach. 

In a nutshell 

We at Active Profile like to think of growth experiments as science for marketing. Plus, we know all too well how easy it can be to become sidetracked by a feelings-led approach and by putting too much stock into misplaced hunches in a fast-changing market. That’s why, instead, we use real data to shape strategies and swap out guesswork for tested plans. 

By embracing this facts-led way of marketing, businesses move away from uncertainty and allow themselves access to golden insights based on solid proof, rather than just what they think might be right. It’s this scientific approach that helps businesses not just succeed but thrive in a world where things are always changing. 

Want to discover how your business can utilise experiments to get the most out of your marketing? Book a meeting with Nathan, Client Portfolio Director, today.