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A new head of content to power up our ‘all in’ proposition

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This year at AP we’ve invested heavily in the expansion and development of our teams across the agency. We’ve attracted key specialists to bring new skills and experience that are in demand for our client campaigns, adding to the rollout of our ‘All In’ profile and performance model for campaign delivery.

The key to a high-quality integrated marketing strategy that will successfully generate leads and growth is ensuring that your PR, content, and branding align with your performance marketing. But what about the linchpin that brings all of these elements together? Here at Active Profile, that’s our Head of Content, Jemma.

Jemma joined AP back in March, bringing with her nearly a decade of content and strategy experience. As well as managing three members of our PR and content team, she oversees all content strategy within the studio. With a wealth of knowledge and a close familiarity with both the agency world and in-house work, Jemma has put us in the strongest place we have ever been in to deliver impactful value proposition projects, as well as key brand messaging for clients – with the ability to advise on the most effective ways and means deliver your comms.

“It’s been great to bring a mix of creative and strategic thinking to the table with my new team at AP and see results already coming together through this newer, more integrated approach for the agency, that gels really well with my experience and background. The last few months at AP have been some of the most rewarding of my career so far - I’m excited to see where upcoming projects will take us!”


So, are you sure you’re speaking to your customers in the right tone of voice? Do you have an engaged audience that you’re confidently interacting with? Speak to Jemma to find out how we could help you.

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