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AP Recommends - April

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We’ve blinked and our pile of easter chocolate has (magically) disappeared and April has drawn to an end. It’s been a productive month for AP, filled with new challenges and learnings that are building up to an amazing final quarter.

From new ways of working in the office to the team’s current TV obsession, here are our recommendations for you to try out in May.


Make time for collaboration

The pandemic created a huge shift in our working behaviour and for the matter of convenience, meetings often get booked in over Zoom or Teams. Although we love having a little nosy into the glimmer of people’s homes, virtual calls don’t offer the same value as face-to-face meetings when it comes to collaboration.

At Active Profile, we’ve made a conscious effort over the past few months to meet with clients for workshops and it’s made an invaluable difference to the quality of work that we’re able to provide. The face-to-face structure takes away all distractions, allowing us to draw more information and context out of the meeting. Plus, the collaborative environment has brought many more creative ideas to the table.



Climb 23

We’ve partnered with Climb 23 for their first-ever innovation festival. The two-day event will bring together the UK’s investors, start-ups and scale-ups for a jam-packed schedule of roundtables, workshops and speakers.

Definitely a must for making connections and finding out more about the opportunities and challenges that face the industry.

The festival runs across the 23rd and 24th of May.

Get your tickets, here.


Beyond Eurovision: Where Next for Liverpool’s Thriving Creative Sector?

Prolific North is hosting an event to celebrate the creatives within Liverpool City Region. The two panel discussions will be talking about how we can retain and nurture creative talent within the industry, as well as how we plan to take Liverpool’s creativity to an international stage

Our very own Anna Heyes will be talking on the first panel, along with other leaders of creative agencies.

The event is on 10th May (10am – 1pm). Get your tickets, here.


Setting boundaries

As a company, we encourage our employees to look after their wellbeing. Melissa Urban recently guest starred on the Happy Place podcast to talk about how setting boundaries can be the best thing you do to strengthen all your relationships. Being able to say ‘no’ is a hard feat to tackle both in your personal and professional life, but after listening to this, you might consider putting your priorities first for a change.

We shared it with the team, so it’s only right that we share it with all of you too.

Be transparent to improve your communication

Similarly to learning to say ‘no’ within the professional world, we always want our employees to feel empowered and comfortable enough to be transparent about their workload and any support they may need. We’re all guilty of assuming, or not asking 'that question' out of fear of sounding silly, but this month we’ve made an effort to communicate about where some of our processes could be improved further and we’re already seeing a massive difference. It’s definitely a discussion we recommend bringing up internally if you haven’t already.


TV recommendations


When it comes to what we’re watching, it’s all eyes on the Roy family as the final series of Succession rumbles on - (top work if you’ve managed to shield yourself from spoilers!) The characters might be spoilt, deplorable, narcissistic nepo babies - but we can’t help but root for them.