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Celebrating our fourth year partnering with InnovateHer

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We’re thrilled to announce we’re continuing our partnership with InnovateHer for a fourth year! We’ve been supporting their founder, Chelsea, and the InnovateHer team since their launch in 2017, and in 2021 we made the decision to take part in the InspireHer partnership and have never looked back! Since then, our support has helped around 900 girls to access STEM courses, while we’ve also delivered our very own partner sessions, including virtual webinars that offer inspiration and guidance to help them prepare for a successful tech career.

“We love working with InnovateHer. As a partner, it’s so rewarding to see the progress they make towards such an important mission. In our time working with them, they’ve helped us make some really positive strides in our ED&I efforts, and I’m looking forward to another year of improving our stance of diversity to support our existing and future workforce.” 

Nathan Selby, Client Portfolio Director, Active Profile 

Who are InnovateHer?  

InnovateHer are Liverpool-based organisation on a mission to get girls ready for the tech industry, and, just as importantly, get the industry ready for girls. Via their learning platform created in close collaboration with partners, as well as a host of talks, InnovateHer inspires and prepares girls for a career in the tech industry whilst working with partners on their DE&I goals and strategies.innovateher

The work we’ve delivered together  

Over the years we’ve worked with InnovateHer to improve our own DE&I efforts and members of our team often attend different training webinars to gain a fresh perspective and boost their own development across key topics.  

Since the partnership is a two-way relationship, we also provide content for the team to use on their website and socials, as well as hosting webinars and in-person sessions to share our experiences and knowledge on developing a career in the tech sector. 


Our relationship with InnovateHer extends outside of our partnership. Not only do we work with them as a client supporting their growth and marketing efforts, but they’re also a national partner for our Tech Climbers initiative.  

As a female-founded business working closely with the tech community, we're always looking to inspire the next generation of girls, and we're super excited to be able to continue supporting the amazing IH team.

“Active Profile really believes in the work we’re doing and encourages and pushes us to think outside the box to make more impact with the schools and students we’re working with.

Every time I get off a meeting with Nathan I am buzzing with new ideas. I feel like they are an extended part of our team. Thanks for supporting us continuously.” 

Chelsea Slater, Founder of InnovateHer