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Milestones that matter: Creating better impact

Read Time: 3 minutes

Moments in time present a good opportunity to raise brand awareness, engage with audiences and push out your key messages. Whether it’s raising investment, reaching a revenue milestone, hiring a new team member, announcing a new client, or topping out on a development. 

But, by getting creative about the ways you talk about achieving your milestones, you can create a better impact – rather than just sending a press release and hoping for the best. 

At Active Profile, we’re experts in making milestones matter to create waves in PR, social media and digital. And here’s a little more on how we do it...

Ask yourself questions 

Before you do any sort of activity around your milestone, ask yourself: is it something that resonates with your audience? Why does it matter? And how can you make it matter to your audience? 

You’re excited that you’ve had a period of growth and you’ve hit a revenue goal, but your audience might not be. Drill down into the specifics – what have you done to get there? That’s the story. 

Equally, if you’ve raised some investment, that’s great. But people will want to know why. What will you achieve with this funding? How will it benefit them as an audience? 

Find a timely hook 

By now you may be on board with the idea of maximising your milestones, but you might be thinking there’s no story to tell - which is often not the case at all. Use desk research to find hidden hooks for your milestone. For example, if you’re a tech company, and you’ve raised investment in an area of the UK that doesn’t seem to get much investor action, have a look around for some reports about regional investment, and find some data to hook into your story. Or, if you’re a developer and you’ve just secured planning permission for your brownfield site – now is a perfect time to talk about it, with the recent call to increase brownfield regeneration.  

A good marketing team will be able to find these hidden hooks and use them to demonstrate the impact of your milestone.

Use a mix of media 

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Don’t just write a press release about your milestone – create an entire campaign around it. Think creatively and do some research on how other companies have talked about their milestones in the media. 

  • Offer 121s with journalists – give them access to your senior figures to delve into the story behind your achievement. 
  • Pitch for podcasts – if you’ve overcome some obstacles to get there, that’s interesting! 
  • Owned content – post coverage you get from your press release on social media, use images and infographics to showcase your journey and interview the CEO for your blog. 
  • Host an event – could you invite your audiences to an event? Perhaps it’s a roundtable discussion, a tour of a new space, or a Q&A with founders.  

So, if this has inspired you to start thinking creatively about your milestones, even where there’s not an obvious story, you can reach our team today via our website or LinkedIn.