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At Active Profile we’re proud to have a strong portfolio of real estate and place focused clients, and the MIPIM 2024 conference in Cannes is a peak moment in the industry calendar. A packed (some could say gruelling!) schedule pre, during, and after the event makes for somewhat different trip than most assume when you say the word ‘Cannes’. 

Known for gathering influencers from every corner of the industry, MIPIM 2024 promises to be an important programme of insights and interaction. But with so much going on over three days, it’s always good to find a focus for using your time there, and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the change of focus, year after year. 

At Active Profile, we’ve always had a keen eye for spotting innovation in motion when we see it. Many of our clients use our expertise to help bring their innovations to the forefront – whether it’s going to market with a trailblazing product or helping them develop a game-changing idea. That’s why we’re pleased to see the focus on innovation spotlighted in many of the speaking spots at MIPIM this year, and we’ll be trying to catch as many of these as possible, in between supporting our clients who’ll be there too!  

When it comes to prioritising which events to attend, MIPIM definitely spoils you for choice. But, I find that following the focus of innovation helps to guide my time most effectively while I’m there, and allows me to catch the most insightful and helpful speaking spots.  

Like last year, Active Profile continues to distil the essence of the MIPIM conference into four key focuses: place, people, planet, and products. These themes not only capture the breadth of discussions relevant to our clients but also highlight the forces driving the real estate landscape right now. 

As the event preparation begins in earnest, we’ve started (and will continue to do so in further releases) pulling together the interesting topics on the main and regional programmes.  

We all know the ‘good’ events happen outside of the programme and indeed the Palais, and we’re all too aware that diaries are packed - but hopefully, you can consider this your list of highlights to refer to… 




The ‘S’ in ESG took centre stage last year and as the industry calls for a standard way to measure social impact across real estate investment and development, the debate over qualitative vs quantitative outcomes will rumble on, I’m sure.


And while the industry progresses in so many ways, improved equality and diversity stay firmly on the agenda. Take a look at some of the interesting conversations happening around these topics:


  • Achieving social value through place-based investment

Based in Newcastle's pavilion, the panel discussion will discuss how cities can attract investors that are aligned with their social interests to develop place-based growth.

Tuesday 12th March 15:30 - 16:15 at MIPIM Expo Stand C19.C


  • Equality of opportunities in real estate 

We’re particularly excited about this two-hour collaborative session dedicated to accelerating diversity and inclusion in real estate with a special focus on women's empowerment.

Wednesday 13th March 14:10-15:40 at Verrière Californie (Palais 5) 


  • Dare to be different: Innovating real estate's future

With a focus on fostering diversity and technological advancement across the sector, this session will include a series of discussions that explore how emerging talent and seasoned experience can collectively build a more inclusive, innovative and dynamic future for real estate.

Wednesday 13th March 8:30-10:00 at the AY Pavilion


  • Demonstrating social impact: Leveraging qualitative research for effective communication and reporting

This session promises to explore the nuances of social impact in real estate and take a look at different qualitative research methods that can help with organising social impact initiatives.


Thursday 14th March 11:10-12:10 at the Make It Happen Stage



As decision-makers grapple with pressure to become more agile and adaptable in the face of ever-changing macro circumstances, we see the topics across affordability and sector mix come into focus. It’s also good to see equality and diversity rising higher up the place-focused agenda, as planners focus on strengthening their approaches to reaching traditionally overlooked and marginalised communities. 

Below we’ve listed some of the place-focused events you won’t want to miss that focus on these themes:

  • EG investor guide launch: The great workplace reset
Is the future of office space really mixed use?  Is the time of office-led city centres over once and for all? This session will delve into what type of space is vital, and how the industry can bring these spaces together to create a new ecosystem.

Tuesday 12 March 14:30 - 15:15 at the AY Pavilion 

  • Accommodating the next wave of innovation 

In an age where science and technology sectors are moving incredibly fast and businesses are changing how they use their office space in a hybrid working world, this panel will be discussing how the sector can successfully build for the future. 

Wednesday 13th March 10:00 - 10:45 at The Manchester Stand 

  • Cities in flux: Long-term demographic shifts and their impact on cities 

A session dedicated to examining trends such as population growth and shift, urbanisation patterns, and changing social needs. Also exploring how these dynamics can shape the future of cities and their development.

Thursday 14th March 10:10-11:10 at the Leaders' Perspective Stage

  • Inclusive placemaking 

Exploring how planners and developers ensure that new developments meet the needs of the entire community, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, age, or economic standing. Crucially, this session also examines how we reach those at risk of being overlooked. 

Thursday 14th March 11:00-11:45 at the London Stand 



AI takes centre stage at MIPIM this year when it comes to innovation. From automated property management to virtual reality home tours to AI-based data on buyer behaviour - it's evident that the real estate industry is leveraging many of the best tech trends on the market. The challenge here lies in demystifying this technology and positioning AI as a friend to the sector, not a foe or threat. We’re particularly looking forward to seeing this conversation play out over the course of our three days there, so we can take the temperature of those in the room on this subject.  

Aside from automation, conversations around technology and sustainability also have a key place in this year’s dialogue. But with so many case studies and approaches to absorb, the industry is now looking for new and unique ways to facilitate greener planning and working. Let’s hope we get to see and hear much of this during our time at MIPIM. 

Take a look at some of the product innovation discussions happening across the programme:   


  • The crucial role of University-led regeneration 

Universities play a key role in cities across the UK - many cultivating successful innovation ecosystems. Join the panel discussion to hear how the country's universities can unlock new opportunities for development.

Tuesday 12th March 10:30-11:15 at the AY Pavilion 


  • AI and real estate: How can it be used properly, what are the implications, how revolutionary will it be? 

Confronting the revolution of AI by asking how can it be used properly. What are the long-term implications? How impactful will it really be? How useful can it be for retrofitting and repurposing? And what role will it play in the future of our work in real estate? 

Wednesday 13th March 14:10-15:10 at the Leaders Perspective Stage 


  • The Arboretum Campus: Revolutionising office development – the sustainable journey of the largest wooden office building 

We’re excited to hear the valuable lessons and innovations that emerged during the creation of the largest wooden office project in Europe, which boasts some truly unique sustainability features. 

Thursday 14th March 10:10-10:40 at the Make It Happen Stage 


IMG_4547 (1)-1


The ‘E’ in ESG is quite rightly still a hot topic although the conversation is changing towards minimum standards. Policymakers are being challenged and big shifts in thinking when it comes to the costs of meeting the standards for the future. The key to remedying this lies in more effective and collaborative urban planning, as well as a willingness to adopt new strategies, technologies, and approaches. This year, there are plenty of talking points and insights to be absorbed surrounding all of those subjects on the MIPIM agenda.  

Here's a taste of some of the climate-related events you won’t want to miss: 

  • Greener Manchester - as the city becomes a pioneer for urban greening, what value stands to be unlocked?

From their opening of Mayfield Park and Ancoats Green to building Europe's largest living wall, Manchester is leading the way with the creation of urban green spaces. This session promises to explore how the sector can continue to strive for an ambitious delivery of green infrastructure.

Wednesday 13th March 14:15-15:15 at The Manchester Stand 


  • Advancing climate actions through urban planning legislation in Europe 

This session promises to be a deep dive into how cities across Europe are revising their masterplans and urban planning legislations to build better urban environments that benefit both people and nature. 

Thursday 14th March 11:30-12:30 at Audi K (Palais 4)


  • Alliance for impact: A collaborative approach towards net zero 

This talk will be focused on examining how cross-industry collaboration and whole value chain engagement are essential for achieving net zero. It will explore everything from overcoming communication challenges to aligning shared values, and how to enhance collective action. 

Thursday 14th March 14:10-15:10 at the Road to Zero Stage  


  • Retrofit vs repurpose: What are the best strategies to achieve net zero in real estate?

A great chance to hear more on how retrofitting and repurposing existing buildings are key strategies for reducing carbon emissions. The session will be held by key players of the real estate community who have achieved success in both.  

Thursday 14th March 14:10-15:10 at the Make It Happen Stage


SEE YOU THERE! Untitled design-Jan-29-2024-03-08-49-3539-PM-1

Anna Heyes, Founder and CEO of Active Profile, will be heading to MIPIM this year, along with Amy, our Client Director. You can message Anna and Amy on LinkedIn if you'd like to connect with them ahead of the conference. 

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